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We genuinely care about our clients and making sure they get the best when it comes to Service. If our clients are not receiving the best service then we are not happy.

Our focus is you! That means we are focused on making sure you look good with excellent products delivered on time staying within the budget and producing the desired results. Give us a try, we promise you will love our service.

In order to make sure this always happens we have a list of core values that we strive to achieve every day:

  • Service - Delivering service that our Clients Love Everyday!
  • Integrity - To act with honesty and integrity without compromising the truth.
  • Balance – Maintain a healthy work and life balance.
  • Fun - Having fun with our work and clients.
  • Commitment - Sincere commitment to providing quality products with amazing service.
  • Innovation - Providing our clients with unique ideas to maximize their results.

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Dear Alison:

I have wanted to write this letter for 2 months now so am glad that I could finally dedicate the time to it.

To start, I have to give many thanks to you for jumping right in on my urgent project and getting to work on it immediately. So many vendors need me to come up with the idea so that they can work on the order but once in a while an exception occurs, a true professional is on the other end of the phone. You are that exception. You proposed and then sought out the ideal give away item for a large and very important convention my city was hosting. With only a notion of what impression we wanted 5,000+ people to walk away with, you came through with 4 or 5 near perfect ideas. My job went from 10 things to do for that project down to one - telling you how many, when to deliver the product and to what address!

Our bureau staff, members and convention attendees were delighted with the symbolic 4-pack of wine charms. You might say that our give away really was the cherry on our City's Convention sunday.

You can expect a call from me and my peers for the next needed item.....and the next.....and the next.....e.t.c.

Gratefully yours,